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World Cup

Brief about World Cup and what to do, if you do not want to fail. Firstly, topic is written for those teams who expect to archive at least Top-3 in international final.

The most important thing have happened in your GMC career - you won the national final and got a ticket to the World Cup. Also you got responsibility for the result and chance to become the best manager in the world. Time before the World Cup should be used propely for preparation. In this case the most advantage have countries where national final takes place as early as possible (for example, in Portugal finale was held in November 2014, so champion of Portugal has 5 months free time before World Cup).

Carefully analyze your previous games, ask your competitors for help. Some countries have strong traditions to help their national champions, despite the rivalries and differences, in exchange for reports, experience or knowledge. In the end all sides will win, national champion get ability to perform better in the World Cup, competitors increase its own level for next season.

World Cup usually lasts for 5 days:

  1. Day 1 - Arrival of teams
  2. Day 2 - Excursions, draw for teams
  3. Day 3 - Semifinal
  4. Day 4 - Final, banquet, award ceremony
  5. Day 5 - Departure of teams


After settling in the hotel do not waste time shopping and sightseeing. You have a unique opportunity to become acquainted with future allies and rivals beforehand. You should understand that, as in professional sports, GMC has top-teams, middle-teams and extras. Who is who you can see in world rating, which fairly accurately reflect the current situation:

  1. Default top-teams are teams from Russia, Ukraine, China and Poland. These countries have very competitive national selection and frankly weak teams simply do not have a chance to win there. Suffice it to say that over past 15 years (seasons from 1999 to 2013), only 4 times world champion became team not from specified countries. Under normal circumstances, these teams play a world title among each other and all the places in Top-3.
  2. Middle-teams are Slovakia, Czech Republic, Brazil, France, Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong National champions are usually presented by fairly strong teams, which under certain circumstances can reach Top-3 and, in exceptional circumstances, even win World Cup.
  3. Extras - all the rest (no offense, just fact). Relatively young by GMC standards countries where this game has not yet been sufficiently disseminated or do not have critical mass of participants for qualitative step forward. Reaching the final stage of the World Cup is an excellent result itself.


Over last 3 seasons (starting in 2013), situation in the championship has changed. Now high-grade top teams have only 2 - Russia and China. Poland and Ukraine passed into the category of middle-teams after the change of generations. You can always see actual strength of each country in our World Global Management Challenge rating.

Now I must explain how and why you need make friends with foreign teams. If you have friendly team, you can use cooperative strategies which will be discussed in detail in extra topic later. Cooperative strategy allows teams which play in the same group, coordinating their decisions or applying certain techniques, to get advantage over other teams and higher chance to win.

Negotiation with top-teams does not make sense, Maximum you can share your impressions about the hotel, weather and ask - how do you do. An alliance can be only with total submission in exchange for couple tips or management reports (if not deceived).

With middle-teams you can and should agree, at least to archive final stage together. Semifinal in the World Cup consists of 4 groups with 5-6 teams (depending on how many countries participate), 2 best teams go to the final stage. Help each other, you can at least exchange market information. As maximum - someone can sacrifice himself for an ally, if something goes wrong.

With extras negotiation and recruitment must be even before their arrival to the World Cup. Website of every national championship can be found in the Internet. Contacts of team members can be found in social networks or in our group on facebook. Recruitment should be polite and naturally, by the way you talk with country champion, so be considerate.

Draw takes place in the evening. In turn, in alphabetical order (by country name in English), organizers call team captains on the stage. On the stage team captain wave national flag at the camera and pull the ball of one of four colors (red, blue, yellow, green) out of the bag, which defines a group, where his team will play tomorrow. If you have not managed to recruit allies yet, then do it on the draw ceremony, it is your last chance.

God bless you, if you do not play in one group with Russia, because it automatically reduces your chances to reach final stage by 50%. Russia - the only country that always plays in World Cup finals.

Semifinal starts next morning. Huge plus of semifinals - two teams out of the each group in final stage. Second place should be used as an opportunity to bring with you rival or friendly team. If you are lucky enough to get into an easy group, take care about formation of desired composition of opponents in the final.

Reaching final is already an excellent achievement for many teams, you are unlikely get here again. Use whatever you have, use all known bugs of simulator, techniques, your goal is victory. Mindfulness, concentration, calmness, pressure, self-sacrifice, clear and precise decisions.

Won or lose - exchange contacts with all opponents, for you or your friends it will be be useful in future seasons. Good luck in the final.