Configuration worksheet v2 for scenario 12C1, 12C3, 14C1, 14C3, 15C1

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Configuration worksheet v2 for scenario 12C1, 12C3, 14C1, 14C3, 15C1


What's new in calculation model v2:

– New correct translation in english.
– Fixed more than 30 small bugs.
– New strategy module. Now you can simulate all 5 decisions and choose the best one for game.
– Demand prediction module 100% remade. Module calculates elasticities changes of demand factors and impact of competitors' decisions. Forecast accuracy increased to 2 times.


Configuration worksheet v2 contains excel file to set up Calculation model v2 (pro version) for scenario 12C1, 12C3, 14C1, 14C3, 15C1 (all 5 scenarios in 1) with detailed information about:

– Raw materials prices
– Exchange rate
– Components prices


Decision plan for scenario:

– Dividends plan
– Insurance plan
– Issue and repurchase shares plan
– Research and development plan


Elasticity of demand factors:

– Agent and distributors support
– Agent and distributors recruiting
– Agent and distributors commission
– Web-site development
– Corporate advertising
– Training
– Management budget
– Backlog
– Seasonality
– Premium materials
– Research and development
– Prices
– Assembly
– Direct advertising
– Market shares
– Opponents


  • Scenario: All
  • Type: Configuration v2

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