Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where did you get management reports? Are they real?

    Sure, all reports are real and you can buy them is store. We have many ways to collect management reports from the best teams in the world for our customers. Few methods that we use are described in this topic.

  2. I have paid but I don't get anything! Where is my order?

    Firstly, we apologize if you did not immediately receive your order after payment. Please contact us about your issue and we will process your order as soon as possible.

  3. I want to buy management reports for scenario XXX (from national final, etc), but do not find then in store. Do you have some?
    We have a lot off goods, but can not publish them all in store. If you did not find required information you are interested in, then contact us and we will help you find desired management reports or special tools.

  4. I bought management reports, but there are only 5 reports and no history data. Where I can find history files?
    You can find history files for every scenario on this page.

  5. I bought calculation model v2 (pro version) for scenario 14C3, can I use it for play with scenario 15C1?
    Calculation model v2 (pro version) can be used for play with every scenario, but it will work efficiently only if you load configuration worksheet v2 for scenario 15C1.

  6. I want to buy team support in national final, what if you will help other teams too?
    We support only one team from each country and no more, so please contact us before purchase Team consultaion. There can be only one.

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