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Our store offers everything you need to play Global Management Challenge successfully. Store provides a variety of tools for players: management reports, manual, calculation models, databases, scenarios and research. Global Management Challenge tips help participants improve their strategy and enjoy the game more.

Get help and win championship
Get the best knowledge and tips about Global Management Challenge from the best players all around the world. Everything you find in store was tested and proven to be successful. Site was created by the world-class participants, winners of the Global Management Challenge, by players for players.

Moreover we help teams from various countries and we find out their satisfaction with our service was just great. They really like what they bought and they love support. Results speak for themselves – teams supported by GMC Store ranked very high in their national competitions. We are proud we helped some of them to become winners and get to top 8 in International Final.

Save a lot of time
Save your time! It is very time consuming to create just basic tools that you need to use during Global Management Challenge. Correct calculation of all financial statements takes hours with excel and official manual. Imagine the more important things you could do if you just saved 20 hours of your time as we have already done a lot of the boring work for you.

And it is also WHY we do GMC Store. We spent hundreds of hours learning about the competition and creating our tools. And we want to save you that time and still enjoy playing GMC successfully. Instead of investing your time in tools that are:
– not difficult to create;
– you need them to succeed;
– take many hours to create.

We recommend focusing on what is more important, like:
– training your team in cooperation and quick decision making;
– brainstorming new strategies;
– studying manual or reports from other teams;
– making your own analysis of the simulation;
– or simply doing your regular job and buying the tools presented here just for a fraction of the money you can earn in the time you save.

If you want to start doing imporant things, check how we can save your time with Global Management Challenge manual, management reports and calculation model now.

Get an exquisite advantage
Products you can find on GMC Store give you exquisite advantage in Global Management Challenge. There are thousands of teams entering this business competition every year. Most of them learn from the official manual, most of them play based on their intuition. And many of them do it right. But only the best can win the national final round. Only the best of the best can win the international final. Only those who make some extra effort can outrun the ones who do not make it. Do you want to be one of them or do you just want to read about them? Hint: you are on a good path, you have found the right place where you can learn how to win Global Management Challenge.

Taking the opportunity given here you can make a huge leap forward in how good you are in Global Management Challenge. Some tips you can learn here can rise your investment perfomance by 5%. Now, what if you knew 5 of these tips?

Management reports
Do you want to win Global Management Challenge? Then you should know how the winners play. We offer you an exquisite chance to obtain management reports from best teams. And you can follow the whole journey from the 1st round to the International final in our reports. And learn the strategy. And you might become the world champion yourself one day. It is not that difficult.

We have huge collection of whole GMC editions (all groups and all companies from a particular year in a particular country). But you probably do not want to spend that number of hours as we did. That is why GMC Store exists – to bring you everything in one place and give you what you really need. For a humble price compared to what it took to get all that knowledge. And we can guarantee their correctness and completeness.

Calculation excel model
Our useful tools will make your participation in Global Management Challenge more effective. Currently we offer calculation model that will solve you everything from handling your reports, analyzing them, predicting demand and meeting the production capacity to calculating financial results.

Calculation model is what most people go for. Either they use it as their primary tool, or they buy it and then integrate it to their own excel tools. But most of them find out that their own tools were far behind our calculation model and just go with the first option anyway.

Manual and tips
At the moment you can get our own manual that will help you to improve your performance a lot. It already helped a couple of teams to win GMC or even get to top 8 teams in the world. Then we have done a research on R&D expenditures and how to successfully play them to get the best possible improvements with minimum costs. Or we also offer a huge collection of R&D data you can analyze yourself or build your models on.

You can find the analysis of Global Management Challenge R&D and conclusions with tips for winning strategy on database page. We recommend to check the Global Management Challenge Manual as well – this is one of the most favorite products we provide.

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